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People who are experiencing depression and have taken two or more different types of antidepressants without improvements can be defined as treatment resistant. We are looking for individuals with treatment resistant depression (TRD) to take part in our study.


What is PAX-D?


PAX-D is a Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product (CTIMP).

In this trial, we will compare the effects of pramipexole with placebo when added to current antidepressant medication.  There is some evidence that pramipexole, a medicine already commonly used in Parkinson ’s disease, may be an effective treatment for people with treatment resistant depression. The trial will look at effectiveness in the short-term (after 12 weeks treatment) and in the longer-term (48 weeks). The trial will also assess the side effects of pramipexole and explore patients’ experience of taking it.

People who decide to take part in PAX-D will be randomly assigned to take either pramipexole or a placebo (a tablet that looks like pramipexole with no active ingredients). Participants be asked to attend a small number of clinic visits, provide samples, take part in regular telephone interviews, and complete questionnaires and computer task.